Ragno tiles are the ideal solution for every part of the home, from floors through to the bathroom and kitchen, not forgetting the entrance hall and lounge, where they also fulfil a decorative function. 

To be sure of choosing the right Ragno tiles for your home, you need to consider both functional characteristics and the aesthetic taste of the people who live in the flat or house every day. Ragno ceramics are durable, stable, waterproof, stain-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. Thanks to these resistance characteristics, they require less routine care than natural materials such as wood, marble, stone, resin and terracotta.

The Ragno ceramics catalogue offers a vast choice of shapes, sizes, colors and textures, which can be combined to create the right balance between practicality and aesthetics. Ceramics are the outcome of continual research, conducted to reconcile the needs of new home living trends with the latest fashions in the lifestyle world. 

First come the dampest rooms, the bathroom and kitchen, where small size tiles are the favourite choice. Colorful or monochrome, glossy or matt options are on offer: a rich assortment of wall tiles that unite contemporary taste with craftsmanship to ensure that every location is safe while covering it in its own individual style. 

The lounge and entrance hall are the part of the home where creativity can be expressed to the full, transforming walls and floors into key interior design features. The choice ranges from the smallest, most decorative size up to maxi slabs, with subtle, delicate hues or mosaics and “hand made” tactile effects, such as the traditional-look Ragno cement tiles.

For outdoors the best material is porcelain stoneware: its anti-slip characteristics and rugged strength make it a high-performing choice, resistant to impacts and thermal shock. The outdoor area is also ideal for adding natural inputs to the home’s modernity, with the aid of wood, marble or stone effect tiles.

Be inspired by the Ragno collections, which have always made people and their design projects the centre of attention. Browse the catalogue and find out more.

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