Parquet wood effect porcelain stoneware tiles

Wood and parquet-effect tiles made of ceramic and porcelain stoneware. Warm, modern, tough and practical surfaces that furnish the indoor and outdoor floors and walls of the house with naturalness and refinement. With the available variants of the same tile you can create wood-effect floors and stylistic continuity between indoor and outdoor areas.

Tiles replicate the pleasure of wood, in particular of oak, in its many different forms: polishedraw, time-worn or salvaged. The wood-effect tiles come in many sizes, different textures and various shades: as well as the classic beiges and browns, Ragno also offers wood-effect porcelain stoneware and ceramic in white, black, grey and red.

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Wood and parquet effect porcelain stoneware tiles decorate the floors and walls of the whole home with natural refinement, creating a warm, modern mood. Thanks to the variants of the same tile available, wood effect floors and pavings can be installed to create continuity between indoor and outdoor areas.

The very realistic appearance achieved thanks to the latest production technologies perfectly imitates wood’s natural look and combines the material’s typical convenience and practicality with all the beauty of the original sourced from nature. In fact, wood effect porcelain stoneware is resistant to impacts, abrasion and thermal shock, is waterproof and easy to clean and does not require the maintenance generally associated with real wood parquet. For this very reason, wood effect stoneware is the ideal solution for every type of indoor and outdoor domestic location, whether it be the kitchen, the lounge, the bedroom, the bathroom or the terrace.

As well as for floors, stoneware is also ideal for covering walls, thanks to the many colors available: alongside the classic beiges, browns and honey color, Ragno also offers wood-effect porcelain stoneware and ceramics in white, black, grey and red. Striking combinations can therefore be created by alternating different shades or by adding tiles with the looks of other materials, such as stonemarbleterracotta and concrete effect tiles.

The Ragno collections offer several varieties of wood effect stoneware, in particular of oak, in its many different forms: polished, raw, time-worn or salvaged. Each collection has its own style and its own color assortment, providing a choice of an infinite array of both light and dark shades. This vast range of options enables wood effect tiles to fit into any design style, blending attractively with both the rustic or classical style and Nordic, minimalist and contemporary taste. There is also the choice of different sizes of wood effect stoneware, from the smallest to the largest tiles, without joints, and with chevron herringbone installation pattern.

Start designing your floor and wall covering now: browse the Ragno catalogue and be inspired by the natural wood effect.