Ragno: passion for ceramics for over 70 years

The Ragno brand is one of the historic protagonists of the growth and success of the Italian ceramic tile industry all over the world

Founded in 1949 in Sassuolo, Ragno becomes one of the key-actors of the ceramic district’s growth thanks to its ability to produce wall tiles for domestic spaces, in the 60’s and 70’s its expertise extends also in the production of glazed tiles for floor and wall covering destined to various segments of the building industry both nationally and internationally.
In the early ‘80s, the introduction of state-of-the-art automated production technologies went hand-in-hand with a redrawing of the sales and marketing strategies with an increasing orientation towards the needs of the customer and the market, leading to development of a broad range of products in line with the consumer’s trends, styles and tastes.

The Ragno offering features clearly defined, reliable solutions, with the ability to last over time and yet constantly evolving and renewing with interior design new trends: from porcelain to white-body single-fired materials and glass mosaic, for indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings. Ragno offers a complete, increasingly “specialized” range, which interacts with the world of architectural design by means of modular, flexible solutions dedicated to residential spaces and much, much more.
Since 2013 to Mohawk Industries, the world’s biggest flooring manufacturer, listed on the New York Stock Exchange and with sales in over 170 countries, turnover of 10 billion dollars, production locations in 18 countries, and a strategy of growth via acquisitions and direct investments.

In the last few years, within a major investment plan to improve production at all the group’s Italian plants, Ragno has developed new products and exclusive technologies that have expanded its offer and consolidated its positioning at the high end of the market.

Stile and Design

People and their home design projects are central to the focus of the Ragno brand, now as in the past. The aim is still to offer the products that respond most effectively to the demands of consumers and design professionals, while protecting the environment.

Constant renewal that drives to achieve the utmost product quality through strongly expressive solutions make Ragno a fine example of an Italian style popular and respected all over the world.

Ragno offers solutions with a highly original look that respond to the latest needs in home contemporary design,  transforming fired clay into an item of furnishing, in tiles that dialogue perfectly with fashion and interior design trends.

The bathroom, perhaps the room that has changed the most since the ’50s, transformed from a utility room to a place to be lived in and where individual taste and style can be expressed, is viewed by Ragno as a creative space, where design and function can come together.