Floor and Wall Tiles

The Ragno catalogue offers many different porcelain stoneware solutions for creating floor and wall coverings based on your taste and needs. Many collections feature tiles that are suitable for covering both floors and walls, indoors and outdoors. Others include various series of tiles that are already coordinated, facilitating the process of selecting and matching floor and wall coverings.

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The collections in the Ragno catalogue include ceramic and porcelain stoneware collections which can be installed on both floors and walls, to suit aesthetic tastes and also meet the functional requirements of the various parts of the home. The use of the same material on both walls and floors thus enables stylistic and architectural continuity within a given room, and facilitates the selection of floor-wall tile combinations – or even paving-wall tile pairings for outdoor use.

Wall and floor coverings must both maintain and support the architectural style and provide convenience and easy cleaning, so choosing the right tiles is crucial. In fact, the coverings chosen can define the character and style of an interior in the home, a commercial location or an office. Tiled surfaces provide the backdrop for the furniture, and so it is important to choose floor tiles with high design values, which will harmonise with the entire home and the furnishing style.

Ragno offers wall and floor tiles in a very varied range of colors, patterns and decors, including the ever-popular geometrical forms, mosaics and cement tiles. Favourite effects, widely used in interior design, include those inspired by natural materials, such as wood effectmarble effectstone effect, terracotta, concrete, metal, exposed brick and Venetian Terrazzo. Terracotta effect tiles are particularly suitable for the cosiest rooms in the home such as the kitchen, but can fit tastefully into any interior.

Combinations are a very important factor for ensuring that every feature of the home blends attractively into the whole. The best solution is always to strike the right balance between floor and wall coverings, and using the same material is an ideal choice. Variety can therefore be achieved with the aid of patterns or material effects.

For example, floor tiles with material effects and decorative patterns can be paired with wall tiles in a monochrome shade. If you wish the focus to be more strongly on the wall coverings, relief textures and mosaic compositions are an excellent option, for use with a solid color ceramic floor covering. Anyone who likes tone-on-tone effects can choose the same color for the floor and wall coverings but use multiple shapes and sizes and opt for smooth, matt or three-dimensional surfaces to create dynamism and variety.

Explore all the possible combinations and create your bespoke project with Ragno.