White is light, purity, calm, tranquillity, evocation of the ethereal and research of infinity. The Total White Look style is characterised by the complete supremacy of this non-coloured colour, which inspires a sense of lightness and harmony. Choosing to decorate your bathroom using white tiles means to widen spaces and give a sense of cleanness and elegance. Still, Unitech, Prestige, Frame, Fantasy, Freestyle, Energy: so many collections and ideas with ceramics to clad the walls of this room.
A great variety of sizes, surfaces, white shades, mosaics and 3D structures.

The sizes 20x20 cm, 10x30 cm and 10x10 cm are available in the Unitech collection, which offers an absolute white surface, either matt or glossy.

Another interesting size, 25x76 cm, is available in the collections Frame and Prestige.
Frame reinterprets the majolica tradition, offering shiny and glossy surfaces. Its 3D structure enhances the walls, giving them dynamism and great expressive strength. The mosaic in size 30x30 cm is very useful to clad irregular spaces such as recesses.

Prestige, instead, offers both matt and glossy ceramic tiles in size 25x76 cm. In addition to these, three 3D decorative tiles are available in striped, diamond or square patterns.

Fantasy, Freestyle and Energy are the latest collections by Ragno.

Fantasy is the 30x60 cm wall-coverings available in glossy and matt surface. Brightness to the walls and three-dimensional structures with sinuous and geometric relief patterns. Mosaic 30x30 cm combined by polished and satin dots can be laid on curved surfaces.

We can find dynamic sculpted effects also for Freestyle collection, available in matt and glossy surface in size 25x76 cm. The three different three-dimensional structures design the walls in an elegant and essential way.

Glossy and bright surfaces also for Energy. This collection, through the three-dimensional structure that reproduces the undulating movement of the sea, creates on the walls dynamism.

In the gallery, let yourself be inspired by the total white bathrooms designed with Ragno ceramic tiles.