We visit the new Ragno showroom in Sassuolo through the eyes of the WEBLOG bloggers: warmth, genuineness and empathy with customers are the location's strong point


Soft, natural light flooding through a long series of windows overlooking the street accompanied the bloggers of the WEBLOG collective on their visit to the "Ragno home" on 19 October.

Elisabetta from italianbark, Carlotta from unprogetto, Nora from Design Outfit and Elisabetta from MaisonLab, accompanied by the photographer Davide Buscaglia, visited the "rooms", arranged around an internal garden, which make up the intimate, welcoming interior of the new Ragno showroom.

The styling, by Marta Meda, is all based on warm shades, tactile patterns and the exploration of the infinite decorative potentials of ceramic and stoneware tiles.

The spaces, subdivided by the use of different floor finishes and textures, guide visitors on an enjoyable tour dominated by a mood of tranquillity. Through the clear windows, people themselves become part of a picture of perfect, peaceful home life.

The effects created through the skilful combination of pieces from the various collections serve a dual purpose.

The first, and more direct, intention is to show visitors, and especially non-professionals, what can really be achieved with the textures, sizes, and colours of Ragno ceramic and stoneware tiles in one or more rooms of their homes.

The second, more romantic and inspirational, is to instil in visitors to the showroom, as they stroll through and linger in the various "sets", a possible model of a tailor-made space, suitable not only for the home but also for commercial interiors which wish to conserve a warm, welcoming allure.

In the showroom itself, and through the variety of the products in the catalogue, the bathroom has always been of key importance for Ragno. Details, finishes, sizes and technical characteristics are all designed around the needs and performances required for this specific type of interior.

At Sassuolo, the Ragno collections can be admired in situ in interiors that look ready to live in, much more comprehensible and inspiring than just the product displayed on panels.

The strength and quality of this showroom, designed by architect Gianluca Rossi, therefore lie in the empathy that underpins the relationship with the consumer or professional who visits it, who shares with the collections themselves the role of protagonist and user of the atmospheres and ideas created.