It is one of the latest covering trends: tiles inspired by the patterns and weaves of fabrics, used to give walls an incredible visual effect.

If you are looking for a captivating wall covering that enhances rooms in a unique way, you should discover Trama. It is one of Ragno’s latest additions, a versatile collection full of solutions that offer numerous decorative and stylistic possibilities.

Its unique format (narrow and long in line with recent trends) enables different types of installation without overly complicating the composition. The extensive range of colours and surface pattern, as its name suggests, conceals its sophistication and uniqueness.

This collection features seven shades – warm and cold, including a pale, romantic pink – and four decorative motifs, which all vary in terms of style and tactile effect.

Fibra features a delicate three-dimensional wave pattern, available in every colour, which lends energy and movement to the wall, giving it different effects depending on the light.

Arazzo is the most sophisticated design (a patchwork of patterns that greatly vary) and is available in two colours – warm and cold – that can be combined with single-colour tiles.

The very special Stuoia tile is inspired by an elegant sartorial pattern, while Filato is the most linear model, evoking fabric threads stretched and combined together.

The collection is completed by a series of mosaics in the 7 basic colours of Trama, used to cover the shower area, recesses and curved walls.

A single collection with infinite furnishing styles. Trama is the result of research into the patterns and three-dimensional effects of fabrics. It offers yet another extraordinary tactile interpretation of ceramic.

Combining neutral and decorated walls (ensuring that the preferred decoration is correctly measured out to cover the entire wall, creating genuine scenic partitions or only emphasizing certain areas of the rooms), the environments will have a unique touch, while only using one product.