When it comes to furnishing a modern bathroom, the chosen style is crucial in the selection of furniture, lighting, and most importantly, wall coverings and tiles.

But how can you choose between the numerous covering ideas?

First, you need to assess the size of the bathroom. In the case of large bathrooms, there is no problem whatsoever when it comes to arranging wall coverings and choosing sizes, whereas for smaller bathrooms attention must be paid to how colors, sizes and horizontal and vertical wall coverings are coordinated.


The range of sizes is now so extensive that there is no limit to styles as a source of inspiration. From small rectified square 20x20 tiles to large 120x278 tiles, from hexagonal to rectangular tiles 19x150 cm, 20x120 cm, 25x150 cm for listel tiles. Every designer and customer can choose which size to adopt to recreate the best effect in their modern bathroom.


Porcelain stoneware is one of the most commonly used materials as a modern bathroom wall covering, since it can guarantee excellent hygiene and durability. Contemporary technologies now offer the possibility to optimally render the patterns, finishes and effects of the most diverse materials. Glossy marble-effectwall tiles, for example, can be used at full height for the most refined room coverings; stone-effect tiles, which enhance the tactile appeal of even the most rustic floors, transforming juxtaposed grey tiles into a visually seamless element; parquet-effect stoneware can also fit nicely into smaller spaces and define a more minimalist style. Plus hexagonal cement tiles, decorative wallpaper effect-carpets, etc.

Which styles are most popular for tiling a modern bathroom?


Stone, wood and shades of white and greige. Contrasting details and accessories with matt black fixtures. These are the guidelines for a minimalist style permeated with simplicity. Stone-effect stoneware slabs for floors and matt-effect textured surfaces for wall coverings. The bathroom becomes a haven of well-being and peace.


There are numerous options that add character and color to a youthful, vitamin-colored modern bathroom. In this case, it is better to opt for neutral, wall-hung sanitary ware combined with wall coverings with floral patterned carpets to simulate wallpaper, or hyper-colored with bright shades and a glossy effect, or hexagonal tiles with geometric patterns to simulate a cement tile effect.


When space is an issue and you want to create a glamorous master bathroom, opt for glossy marble-effect stoneware tiles for wall and floor coverings. The choice of large sizes enhances the seamless effect of the surfaces and the lustre of the materials.

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