Technique and aesthetics demonstrate their inseparable bond in Ragno Ceramiche’s workshops, where the craftsmanship and the technological know-how of industry experts generate innovative and largely customizable production solutions.

Two-dimensional printingandembossed decorationscome together in a single step for a cutting-edge result known as Touch Technology.

Inkjet digital printing is already a notable example of the progressivedigitalization of the ceramics industry, an ongoing revolution involving production and business processes with a focus on optimization and environmental sustainability.

This technique has been combined with a selective three-dimensional effect, achieved by directly applying pulverized glassy materialon the white body substrate. This process replaces thethird firing typical of the ceramic tradition, while preserving its most distinctive artistic and artisanal aspect.

A perfect alignment between the graphic design and the material is achieved during the inkjet printing process thanks to a second layerof grit, which is melted during the firing stage, resulting in the crystalline relief typical of Touch Technology.

With a double digital step, various decorative effects can then be achieved: glossy, matt, plain, or an ice effectdue to the uneven spread of the glassy material. A specialized approach that can generatemany variations on the theme, revealing the enormous potential of a technology in the making.

Thein-line production of Ragno Ceramiche decors constitutes an evolution in terms of both quality and the efficiency of the entire industrial process. It is an extremely competitive product designed to also decorate large walls with wallpaper effects in rooms with a wide variety of uses.

All the chemical and mechanical resistanceadvantages of ceramics, its hygienic properties, and ease of cleaningalso make it the safest choicefor ‘ultra-wet’ spaces, compared to other materials used in construction that require greater precautions.

Ragno’s new wall coverings are designed to give rooms a sense of three-dimensionality and fullness through multiple in-line decorations with a single module that facilitate plain installation or the creation of boiserie to alternate with solid colors, resulting in design customization in keeping with the latestinterior design trends.

Touch technology enhances multiple Ragno collections, including Vida, Papers, Clayton Wall and Richmond Wall.

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