Realstone porcelain stoneware, in the Cardoso, Quarzite and Jerusalem variants, brings the infinitely varying shades of the original material to every part of the home.


With the six porcelain stoneware stones in its Realstone collection, Ragno achieves impeccable continuity of finish between the inside and outside of the home.

Although the inspiration, drawn from stone, is always the same, this continuity can be expressed in a variety of ways: the vein patterns in Cardoso stone, the geometrical structure of Quarzite and the varying colours of Jerusalem.

Cardoso, Quarzite and Jerusalem are available in several colour variants – Grigio, Bianco, Avorio and Noce – and a range of sizes. The collection also comprises a series of mosaic elements, 3D structures and hexagonal sizes for use across the whole surface or in small areas to create patterns and decorative features in specific points.

The choice of the perfect colour for each room may depend on various environmental and aesthetic factors: the intensity of the natural light, the desire to emphasise a particular effect created with shadows, or matching with furniture and garden plants.

And while for indoor floors the conventional method of installation, gluing onto a screed, achieves excellent results with large slabs with rectified edges, for outdoors there is a choice of technical solutions. The most attractive is dry installation on a variety of substrates: gravel, sand or grass.

In this method, for use with the XT20 extra-thick (20 mm) modules, the joints pay an important role in the overall effect and help to create the paving's overall pattern, underlining the Realstone collection's affinity with the inspiration material.

The same inspiration provides the formal opportunity for extending the interior design scheme outdoors; just one material paves the area around the pool or the relaxation zone set into the lawn, and provides the flooring for the living-room, the kitchen, and even the most intimate parts of the home, such as the bathroom and bedroom.

One final plus factor is the different level of tactile finish slabs may have depending on their location and the antislip category required. There is a choice of three different surface finishes: Natural, Soft and Structured.