Ragno surfaces, made withthe new patented StepWise technology, offer excellent compliance with the friction requirements of the most stringent non-slip regulations, married to outstanding style for products that are both pleasing to the touch and easy to clean.

StepWise porcelain stoneware can be sanitised with water and non-aggressive detergent, and is thus the ideal solution for both domestic settings and high traffic commercial applications like shops, bars, restaurants and hotels.

The ContrastiRealstone_Navigliand Realstone_Lunar collections, made with the StepWise technology, offer highly original styling with the advantages of compliance with the most demanding technical performance specifications. Ragno brand collections have always combined a vast range of decorative options with guaranteed quality and technical performance.

StepWise, the revolutionary plus
Made with advanced technologies, porcelain stoneware offers excellent mechanical strength and resistance to chemical aggression, wear, scratching, deep abrasion and bending; it is easy to sanitise and resistant to freezing temperatures, fire, mould and UV radiation. The characteristics and colours of porcelain stoneware are unaffected by age and atmospheric conditions.

Despite what one might think, StepWise is not a surface treatment but an intrinsic technical feature of the new products concerned.

The Marazzi Group has implemented these specifications throughout the production process, from research into materials and glazes to the type of grinding and pressing.

The new Ragno stonewares made with the StepWise technology are also treated mechanically over their entire surface to enhance their soft appearance, while also providing a high dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF, ANSI American National Standard Institute). This coefficient measures the performance of tiles when wet: 0.42 Newton is the standard for surfaces) when installed indoors. StepWise offers a DCOF of 0.60 Newton, far better than the standard requirement.

The Ragno brand is a historic actor in the growth and success of the Italian ceramic industry worldwide.

Seventy years of evolution
It was 1950 when Afra Fontana and her husband Romeo Giacobazzi, a member of the Tabina di Magreta farming and cheese manufacturing family and partner of Pietro Marazzi in the Cristallo cinema, decided to unite their forces with Vincenzo Gibertini to set up a ceramic company under the name of Ceramiche Ragno S.r.l. The name was drawn from sketches made by Vincenzo Gibertini on a sheet of paper to illustrate the hardworking nature of the spider. It was the first ceramic company to be founded in the post-War period. The new partnership was to change the destiny of an area which had previously been primarily agricultural. 
Ceramiche Ragno became a leading player in the growth of the Italian ceramic district, producing wall tiles for the home and, in the Sixties and Seventies, manufacturing glazed floor and wall tiles for the national and international construction industries.

In 1989, Marazzi acquired Ceramiche Ragno, its old rival in Sassuolo, thus doubling its turnover.

The introduction of advanced automated production technologies at the start of the Nineties was matched by a redefinition of the company's commercial and marketing strategies, now focussed ever more on the client and market, leading to the creation of an entire range of products intended to express the taste of the consumer.

At last year's Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, Ragno celebrated its seventieth anniversary, renewing its mission to remain a brand focussed on the requirements of its clients and design professionals.

High performance decorative solutions
Ragno's product offering has always reflected long-lasting trends in interior design and furnishing. Ragno offers a full and ever more specialised range of indoors and outdoors floor and wall tiles in porcelain stoneware, white body monoporosa and mosaic, and works together with the world of design with its flexible modular solutions for covering every surface in the home and the innumerable public locations which dialogue with the domestic dimension, from restaurants to hospitality facilities.

StepWise is a new process used by Ragno for its ContrastiRealstone_Navigli and Realstone_Lunar collections.