Strolling under the arcades of Piazza d’Italia, right in the centre of Sassari, one comes across the entrance to the new Salotto Cafè, a location renovated under the direction of the LERUA (Ledda Russo Architetti) firm. The art nouveau character of the palazzo's interiors was underlined by the restyling, which retained its original beauty and emphasised the existing structural features, such as the stone pillars supporting the vaulted ceilings. The curves of the vaulting define and give variety to the perimeter walls and the large windows overlooking the square's arcades: sitting in Salotto Cafè, clients can sip a drink or enjoy a piping hot coffee while watching the life of the city go by.

The key materials chosen for the renovation project were natural wood and the concrete-effect stoneware of the Rewind collection by Ragno. Chosen in the luminous Corda colour, Rewind helps to expand the perception of space and is a natural match for the snowy white walls, contrasting with the dark blue featured in the furnishings and details.

The main decorative language is geometrical: the wooden panels of the bar counter and the zigzag pattern of the perimeter walls, in shades of blue, embrace you at the entrance and define the space, which in fact is not particularly large.

The concrete-effect stoneware is an ideal choice, combining looks and convenience: the reinterpretation of a timeless material on a high-tech product like porcelain stoneware ensures that commercial interiors will prove durable and stylish. Resistant to all types of damage, easy and quick to clean and able to withstand heavy foot traffic, stoneware is ideal for the coverings not only of locations like the Salotto Cafè, but also for the living-rooms and daytime areas of private homes.

This example of a renovation project can provide us with useful stylistic ideas for the inclusion of concrete-effect stoneware in the home: Rewind offers 6 colour shades, all neutral, for combination with the decorsone geometric and one cement tile style - included in the collection.

Smaller sizes than those installed in this public venue are more suitable for the smaller rooms generally found in contemporary homes, and the potential for mixing them - they come in square, rectangular and hexagonal shapes - gives plenty of scope for creating original, varied interiors. Finally, combine them with wooden details and choose a contrasting colour to create a unique style that is both modern and classical, elegant and timeless, just like the interiors of the Salotto Cafè.

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