'The chance of an intelligent future.' That's what the young people atK-Lab call the activities they carry out in their special workshop every day.

K-Lab is a DIVERSELY CREATIVE WORKSHOP that develops high-profile design and communication projects through the unexpected abilities of diversely able young people, recognising their professional worth, channelling their resources towards the world of business in a productive way, giving their talents the dignity and recognition they deserve, and actually bringing about what the boys and girls themselves call 'the chance of an intelligent future'.

Many of these young people do not talk and only express themselves by facilitated communication, which enables them to share their feelings with others. Their thoughts and words are the central theme of objects of various kinds, notebooks, pencils, calendars, containers, frames, plates and lamps, which can be viewed on line on their site www.k-labdesign.it and purchased at the Temporary Atelier on Piazza Casotti in Reggio Emilia, open in December as in previous years, and in the Galleria Rossana Orlandi in Milan.

A special, 'diversely creative' way of celebrating Christmas, by supporting a genuinely effective project and enabling these boys and girls to continue their workshop and gain due recognition for their professional talents and their future.


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