Simple, useful tips for post-installation cleaning

The first clean of porcelain stoneware after installation is a key step for ensuring that the surface remains beautiful over time.
Post-installation cleaning is carried out after 4-5 days and no more than 10 days from the laying and grouting of the surface. It is necessary to eliminate all residues of glue, grouting material, dust and paint to guarantee perfect results and preserve the beauty of the tiles. These are the 3 steps to carry out:

  1. Firstly, it is a good idea to prepare a solution made up of an acid-based product, diluted with cold water, as per the indications of the manufacturer. We suggest testing the solution beforehand on a little area before applying it to the entire tiled surface.
  2. Next, wet the surface (including grouts) with the acid solution you have prepared and leave for 2 minutes. We recommend that you don’t allow the applied solution to dry.
  3. The third step involves rinsing the surface with lots of water using a floor cloth.

Post-installation cleaning is key to guaranteeing perfect results and preventing patches and smears from appearing on the floor and wall coverings.

When it is completed you can proceed to the day-to-day cleaning of the porcelain stoneware using a soft sponge and a solution of hot water and a neutral cleaner readily available on the market.