Palazzo Fritz, a historic Art Nouveau building just converted to house a B&B conceived by the client as a “home from home”, stands between the city of Verona and the nearby mountains.

The Alberti & Fasoli Architecture Firm, which designed and oversaw the renovation of the building’s interiors, focused on maintaining its original characteristics, highlighting their distinctive features and historic nature, while adding a contemporary touch through the choice of finishes and coverings.

The Bed & Breakfast’s four bedrooms all share a refined, tasteful, elegant style, with continuity provided by the bare-beamed wooden ceilings and the flooring of choice, which consists of the Ragno Rewind concrete-effect collection in hexagonal shape and in the contrasting Argilla and Corda colors.

The retro allure of the Rewind series also continues in the floor coverings of the respective bathrooms, cleverly contrasted with the contemporary style of the tap fittings and sanitary fixtures. To give each bathroom a specific identity, a full-height focus wall was created behind the sanitary fixtures and shower enclosure using the Ragno Look series, installed vertical in different shades. Its unusual 6x24 cm size and uneven, glossy surfaces are perfect for reflecting light and adding even more brightness to the interiors.

For the Fritz room – the most elegant of the four – the tasteful Beige finish is used to accentuate the air of refinement, while for the Capèi room the chosen color is the much more forceful, characterful Ocra. The bathroom of the Moroscona room, on the other hand, is given its distinctive identity by the relaxing Avio blue shade, creating a more intimate, cosier mood.

The Castagna room – the building’s only single and also the only one to have an original C20th fireplace – also differs in the collection chosen for the bathroom’s focus wall, which is finished with the Sol series in 15x15 size, evoking antique majolica ware. The tiles’ glossy texture and extremely straight edges generate interplays of light and an “uneven” effect on the wall, for a look of skilful craftsmanship.

To create unity and harmony, the other bathroom walls were covered with the Rewind series, this time in the 60x120 cm size in Corda finish.


Ph: Francesco Bognin

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