Visiting Sicily and warmed by the summer sun of the Mediterranean, you may have been enchanted by the architecture of Ragusa, its chiaroscuro effects and the decorative touches created with contrasts and recurring geometric forms. Pitch stone, which originates here, transfers these impressions onto the smooth, veined surface of the slabs of the new Ragno Realstone_Lunar collection

A short historical and geographical parenthesis may be useful to explain the origins of "asphalt rock", the natural material that inspires the new Realstone_Lunar porcelain stoneware collection.

This form of limestone, also known as pitch stone, is typical of the Ragusa area and derives its deep brown colour from its association with the oil deposits found locally. Visiting Sicily, you may have seen it - and been struck by its distinctive appearance - at the base of buildings, used as an impermeable plinth, or in floors, where it provides a contrasting decorative insert.

Ragno reinterprets and emphasises the look of this material, transferring to stone-effect porcelain stoneware slabs all the unusual features that make it immediately recognisable and strongly evocative of a place, a tradition and a unique history.

The network of veining, interwoven on the neutral base of five coloursWhite, Beige and Silver are paler, with vague Nordic inspiration, while Deep Grey and Uniform are deeper, with a decidedly Mediterranean character – embodies all the richness of the original material and is the ideal design tool for the vertical and horizontal surfaces of modern, refined interiors.

The Realstone_Lunar collection also features a particularly broad range, including extra-thick 20 mm solutions perfect for installation dry outdoors on gravel, sand and grass, and also for driveways, thanks to their impressive strength.

Last but not least, with the StepWise® technology Ragno achieves the dream of combining outstanding mechanical strength and anti-slip properties with smooth surfaces and easy cleaning.