The Ragno Energy and Frame collections clad contemporary bathroom walls without forgetting the importance of tradition.

People often think that finishing the walls of a bathroomin a modern, trendy way inevitably means choosing neutral shades and large-sized tiles. However, there is also a trend for decorating the contemporary bathroom with bright colours and textures, making imaginative use of light and medium-sized majolica tiles.

Ragno has two collections that interpret this trend in different ways, although they both share a close link to tradition, which they interpret in contrasting styles: in the Frame collection the effect is gentler and more sophisticated, while in the Energy collection tradition is reinterpreted in a more urban, sophisticated key.

Each collection's character is reinforced by the subtle or forceful use of colour. In Frame,cream and milky white make an elegant combination with indigo and plum red, with decorative motifs ranging from the geometrical to the floral.

The vintage mood, offered for those in search of a warm, reassuring bathroom, is updated with the use of neutral shades alongside warm, embracing khaki. The tiles are 25 x 76 cm in size.

The six colours of the Energy Collection, in the single size of 25 x 38 cm, give bathroom walls a genuine, tactile, three-dimensional structure. Contrasts are highlighted, and there are two different approaches available when designing the wall covering: the various vertical surfaces can be underlined, or textures and colours can be used to emphasise the roles of specific architectural features.

In both collections, Ragno reinforces the link with tradition by means of decorative motifs that recall the majolica orcement tilesof bygone days. However, those who prefer geometrical patterns will find the mosaic an excellent alternative form of decoration, ideal for highlighting details, zones or small surfaces.

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