From 18 to 21 April, to mark Milan Design Week, Ragno presents its new ceramic and stoneware products in its new showroom at Marco Polo 9, in the heart of the Brera Design District.

Designed by Benedetta Tagliabue – EMBT, the Ceramiche Ragno flagship store in the iconic Porta Nuova neighbourhood provides an original interpretation of the brand’s new ceramic and stoneware collections. Combining colours, textures and patterns that recount the brand’s history, its technical capabilities and its craftsmanship, the collections on display reveal the infinite expressive potentials of ceramic coverings. 

The collections are exhibited by means of a series of large wooden structures that imitate a spider’s web, building up a library of materials of different colours and finishes, which create a single fascinating storytelling experience extending throughout the entire space.

In the show window, visitors are welcomed by the large slimline slabs of the Incanto series in a dialogue with the small super-glossy ceramic tiles of the Storie collection, displayed with a system of tie-ropes like the rigging of sailing ships, which once again evoke the geometric patterns of a spider’s web.

The floor is one of the project’s highlights: a mosaic of glossy and matt collections with different material effects. This theme reappears in one of the rooms overlooking the courtyard, with a beautiful polychrome mosaic created with the brightly coloured tiles of the Storie collection, a homage to one of the metaphysical paintings in De Chirico’s “Le piazze d’Italia” anthology.

The very latest new additions to the range in ceramic and stoneware are also on display: Inedito, the wood-effect stoneware that evokes timeworn surfaces rich in tactile details; Clayton, a concrete-effect with a decorative character; Glacé, tiles in the small 7.5x20 cm size that reinterpret antique pottery, Papers, wall tiles in the large 60x180 cm size with a wallpaper effect, ideal for creating striking backdrops in a variety of decorative styles, and the two new finishes in the Incanto collection of large slabs: Velvet Taupe and Beige Alicante.

Ragno’s wide decorative offering is also further enriched by two new stone-effect stonewares, Kalkstone, in warm, gentle colours and Richmond, a modern interpretation of limestone.


Thanks to Midj for the collaboration.

Ph Tiziano Sartorio


Ceramiche Ragno
Via Marco Polo, 9
Brera Design District
18 – 21 April 2023
from 10:00 to 20:00 hrs