Ragno interprets metal’s distinctive iridescence in the Ironstone porcelain stoneware collection which, as the name suggests, combines two different inspirations: the urban allure of metal and the solid, substantial appeal of a mineral base.

The collection, which is already included in the range in 75x150, 75x75, 60x60 and 30x60 cm sizes, is now also available in new large 120x120 and 60x120 cm sizes with a slimline thickness of 6 mm. The absence of visual joints, enhanced by the very large size, creates an excitingly realistic metal look, perfect not only for residential locations but also for sophisticated and modern hotel and catering venues.

There are four colours in the Ironstone series: two inspired by natural materials, Argento, which is subtly bright and luminous, and Ghisa, which has dark and intense shades, and two colour variations in Bianco and Corten that do not exist in nature, but are permitted due to their ability to communicate impressions and links to particular style areas.

Ironstone has a satiny surface that is pleasant to touch and shines through the veining and bold contrasts that characterize the product’s surface patterning, playing with and interpreting light and the deep, communicative, tactile appeal of metals.

The collection also features a series of options for use on walls only: mosaics and laser decors. Floral, tribal and vaguely retro patterns express the various personalities of metal-effect stoneware, which reveals a surprising flair for generating romantic or even subtly vintage moods.  

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