Light and colour are combined in an intense collection available in three shades Bianco, Verde and Blu – to capture all the charm of the Amalfi Coast and decorate private and public spaces with an artistic sensibility.

Sol is a project inspired by surfaces shaped by the slow passage of time and Mediterranean fragrances, reflected in shapes and textures that evoke antique local hand-crafted pottery: Vietri ceramics.
Hand decorated by master potters, this distinctive majolica ware takes its name from Vietri sul Mare, a beautiful place that provides the ideal scenario for design of the new porcelain stoneware collection from Ragno Ceramiche.

The unusual 15x15 cm size features extremely straight edges and is used both on carpet decors and on 3D structures to produce a rectified effect, while animating wall installations with its slight variations in thickness that underline its creative impact.

A build-up of glaze, interwoven with the pattern, accentuates the relief effect in the Piuma and Foglia structures, enhancing their deliberately artisanal look. The carpet decors, on the other hand, feature slight graphic variations to simulate a handmade decoration.
Minor flaws have been brought back into industrial production to create ceramic surfaces that are inviting to touch and imbue environments with an enveloping, comfortable atmosphere.

Sol is also the latest chapter in Storie, the series of small-size collections that pays tribute to the Italian tradition of ceramics and decoration, produced with the most innovative production technologies to make every piece, and every home interior, unique.

Not just kitchens, bathrooms, terraces and patios but also commercial interiors like restaurants, bars or spas become perfect decorative scenarios, for construction with monochrome looks or brilliant combinations of plain tiles and contrasting carpet decors. With its versatile installation, the Sol porcelain stoneware collection is ideal for decorating whole walls or just small areas, for covering permanent features such as benches or countertops, and also for installation on floors.

Countless possibilities just waiting to be discovered in the collection gallery and the dedicated catalogue.

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