The rugged coast surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, its rocks marking the boundary between the sea, the bright green of the wild rural landscape and the long expanses of sand. There is an air of great calm: the sea breeze blows gently through the home, caressing the kitchen, the office with its sea view and the garden.

We are in Cornwall, in a house created with the new stone-effect Richmond collection.

The rooms are large and the bright light from the surrounding landscape flows into the rooms, which have simple, clear lines, contrasting with the lush green countryside. The mood is one of intimacy, informality and peace.

The Richmond collection is dominated by the aesthetic quality of limestone, formed on ancient seabeds and quarried near England’s southern coast. Limestone is a sedimentary rock with a surface shaped by water and its currents over time, which leave their mark in the exquisite lines within the material.

The material chosen for the large kitchen, with central breakfast island and large windows opening onto the green garden, is Musk 100x100 cm from the Richmond collection, which dialogues in perfect continuity with the outdoors, where Richmond Musk size 100x100 cm was used in the structured version.

In the bathroom, an intimate interior containing only the essential items of furniture, with curvy forms, the wall coverings comprise Richmond Wall Ivory 33x100 and the Richmond Wall 3D Structure Temple Ivory. On the floor, Inedito Cenere 25x150 stoneware adds warmth to the room with a wood effect that interprets timeworn surfaces, rich in tactile details and finishes marked by the passing years.  In contrast, the washbasin wall is covered with the 30.3x30.3 hexagonal mosaic, also from the Richmond collection.

The small home office, a comfortable, light-filled co-working space, has a floor in Richmond Taupe in the 100x100 cm size. A small brick tile in 7.5x20 cm size, from the new Glacé collection, covers a wall with the typical shine of traditional ceramic materials. The bare beams, a slanting ceiling and a minimalist mix of furniture all help to make the home office fertile terrain for fresh creative inputs.

The paving chosen for the outdoor patio is Richmond Silver Structured stoneware in 60x120 cm mixed with the 100x100 cm size. Its choice of different surfaces, Natural and Structured, makes this collection suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas, for perfect continuity between spaces inside and outside the home. What’s more, the StepWise technology – on R10B and R11C surfaces – guarantees a high level of slip resistance with no reduction in tiles’ tactile appeal or their easy cleaning and care

The Richmond stone-effect stoneware and Inedito wood-effect stoneware collections and the Glacé small tiles rich in details with a handmade look are cleverly used in this project to add a traditional mood to the rustic interiors.