In Wrocław the interiors of the Polish HQ of the Opera Software agency are inspired by the architectural style of the city and sport the cement tiles of the Rewind collection


We are in Poland, in the heart of Wrocław, inside one of the city’s most important buildings, the Centrum Biznesowe Hieronimus, also known as the “Glass House” because of its large square-framed windows, highly modern and in complete contrast with the historic architecture of the building, located close to the well-known Opera House.

It is here that Norwegian agency Opera Software, creators of the browser of the same name, decided to open their Polish head office in 2015, commissioning the design project to the creative team of mode:lina with the instructions: “we want the best office in the world”.

The main inspiration for the project comes from the city’s own architecture; in fact, Wrocław is known as the city of 100 bridges and the arch shape characterises many of the internal mesh structures, all painted black like the industrial-mood doors and windows.

The style chosen for the interiors is industrial loft style: large windows with black frames, wood with knots, armchairs and seats with metal elements, hanging lamps with cables, systems with visible technical parts.

The resulting atmosphere is informal and creative, an office-non office with large meeting rooms and a kitchen area for workers.

Ragno’s stylistic contribution is significant: the Rewind porcelain stoneware collection with its hexagonal cement tiles (Vanilla is the chosen nuance in the 21x18 size) combines naturally with the cement floor tiles and its design echoes some of the elements of the decor, such as the beehive tables in some of the meeting rooms.

In fact, the concrete-effect stoneware, both large and in more decorative versions such as the Rewind cement tiles, is the ideal choice for interiors with an industrial design feel and an additional decor touch that makes the room unique.


Designer: mode:lina
Photographers: Marcin Ratajczak, Maciej Dąbrowski


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