We’ve all had to deal with the problems of managing restricted spaces: whether a guest washroom, a small en-suite bathroom, or the main bathroom in a small apartment. Here are some suggestions for designing a small, narrow bathroom in a modern style.



The sanitary fixtures in a small bathroom must be positioned to optimise usability and hygiene: the tub and shower cabinet should be installed along the short side, with the sanitary fixtures, washbasin, cabinets and other furnishings along the long side.

The best solution is to use small, sleek wall units, to ensure a passage of 60 cm or so and enough space to move comfortably. Take care not to create dead ends which can’t be used: every inch of space is important, you just need to use the right tricks to make the bathroom seem larger.



Using bold colours, with textured, shiny surfaces, is an excellent way to furnish restricted spaces. Green, blue and pink pastels are a fashionable choice, combined with more neutral tones like greige; as for the floor and shower cabinet, try using decorative carpets and contrasting textures as a backdrop. The sanitary fixtures can also be colourful, either matching or contrasting with the walls.


The key to furnishing a small bathroom is to use surprising combinations of high performance materials. We suggest installing the tiles in such a way that the space is divided into functional areas: use tiles with different colours and finishes to highlight niches and special areas like the shower cabinet, and create a clear demarcation between the floor and the walls. You can also tile the walls up to the ceiling, or stop at the top of the doors and windows to create a boiserie effect.

Decorative carpets in stoneware in the square 20x20 size, from the ABITARE and CONTRASTI collections, lend a vintage mood to the floor and walls; parquet effect tiles with a natural/matte finish from the OSSIMORI collection make for a minimalist, Nordic atmosphere; and for a highly glamorous effect, look no further than the 3D textured pastel tone tiles in the RESINA collection, and the must-have 6x24 tile from the LOOK collection.



Proper lighting is essential to making a small bathroom an attractive, pleasant space. If the bathroom has no windows, it’s a good idea to install ports or skylights facing onto adjacent, naturally lit rooms. Using glossy effect tiles and a large backlit mirror above the washbasin is another way to expand and maximise the effect of reflected light.

We recommend using diffused white artificial lighting, with LED lamps. Spot lights along the ceiling or walls can be used to create the perfect lighting system for a small bathroom.



Minimalist taps and mixers in a contemporary style, wall mounted at the right height above the washbasin, not only avoid splashing but also make a strong design statement. Use matte black, grey or white taps to create points of contrast with the other furnishings; stainless steel is a timeless material, now available in the brushed, glossy and baked finishes. Always make sure you choose certified products for a long service life and good hygiene.