An updated country-look comes back into fashion with Epoca, the new Ragno collection that interprets this trend to perfection.
Terracotta-look is the ideal tactile material of inspiration for a kitchen that has its roots in tradition but still complies with the very latest interior design trends, creating a room with a genuine, warm, welcoming feel, the centre of a real home.

The various sizes available  60x60 cm, 30x30 cm, 15x30 cm and 15x15 cm, together with the 21x18.2 cm hexagon and the 7x28 cm brick, extend design potential and provide the basis for a wealth of different modular laying patterns.
What's more, Epoca also comprises a series of hexagonal “Cementine” (cement tile) decors, two size 60x60 cm decors with geometrical motifs and a “Tappeto" decor.

The 15x30 cm size is also available in outdoor version, for creating perfect visual continuity between indoors and outdoors.

The collection's four colours – Ocra, Rosa, Cotto Scuro and Cotto Rosso – reproduce the shades of the original material, bringing a much-loved tradition back to life all through the home.

Take a look at our gallery for ideas for creating your dream kitchen. Combined with wooden furniture, white kitchen units or features such as bare wooden beams, restored original windows and bare plaster, Epoca is the fundamental key to re-creating a kitchen with an authentic, genuine feel, a perfect blend of beautiful, antique materials and contemporary design.

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