AIPK Onlus is an international association with humanitarian and educational goals, operating in developing countries. The project “La città della speranza” is a reception and support centre near São Paulo in Brazil for children who are deprived for their most elementary human rights. Currently, there are about 400 children and their families being housed at the centre. Most of them fall under the long-distance support project that allows these children to receive medical care and social assistance, foods, instruction, and clothing. Every day, instead, 250 children, divided into two shifts - morning and afternoon - participate in the educational activities offered by the Centre.

There are two projects that are particularly dear to us:
- guarantee scholastic support: to guarantee that each child is assisted during the entire scholastic year with courses, tutoring, reviews, and supplemental activities (indicatively the costs for each service amount to about 150 euro per year for each child);
- 50 children awaiting long-distance support to ensure them a minimum of aid for food, health care, clothing, and educational activities. The annual amount is € 310.00.
Donations can be made to the following account
IBAN IT08 K050 1802 4000 0000 0128 856
"Banca Popolare Etica", filiale di Bologna,