Canine Rescue Units appeared in the Red Cross during the early 1990s and now work throughout Italy in four main specialisations: rescue in water – on land – in rubble – avalanches; in addition to these search and rescue specialisations there is also “pet-therapy”, which has proven to be successful and can be translated more specifically as “Activity and therapy involving the assistance of pets”; this specific activity is used for individuals with physical disabilities, those with behavioural and social disabilities, and those suffering from illness.

The Modena section of the Red Cross is setting up a new Canine Rescue Unit prepared to operate in any setting. The Group consists of 10 persons with their four-legged friends and they need funds to purchase the necessary rescue equipment:
- a Canine Rescue Unit ambulance
- a jeep-type all-terrain ambulance
- a rubble field for simulated training
- protective uniforms for rescuers (both 2- and 4-legged)

Donations can be made to the following account
IBAN: IT 45 A 06270 13199 T 2099 0000 661 I
n the name of CRI Comitato provinciale di Modena
Reason: Oblazione pro gruppo cinofilo CRI CP Modena