A new, perfect modularity for the modern stoneware aesthetic

Ragno presents the concrete-effect stoneware of the Roots collection and the stone inspiration of Eterna in the new 100x100 size. This module, with its perfect geometrical form, creates soft, luminous almost seamless surfaces that provide a harmonic backdrop to the furnishings and fittings that shape a home.

The new square tile embraces and enhances the subtle, intentional imperfection of the concrete that inspires Roots, giving it a modern, sophisticated interpretation in 4 colors: White, Grey, Beige and Multicolor.

In Eterna, the same stoneware tile expresses a similar modernity but its surfaces carry the intriguing traces of the memory and the inspiring legacy of an architectural past at the height of its splendour.

Sustainability, hygiene and comfort: Ragno technology proclaims the new values of modernity

However, Roots and Eterna offer much more than an aesthetic extension of stoneware’s expressive power. They also Edge contain the results of technological research, targeted in particular on issues of comfort, hygiene and sustainability.

The CleanOut technology, which permeates right to the heart of the stoneware slabs, is able to reduce the bacterial load of covered surfaces by up to 99.9%, guaranteeing in-depth hygiene which will continue to act, discreetly and implicitly, throughout the entire life cycle of the material in its installation context.

Another invisible, but still very important, value is that recognised by Greenguard certification. This qualification is awarded for their high technological quality to building and architectural materials and components which generate minimal emissions of volatile organic compounds into indoor environments.

The tests required to obtain the certification check for emissions of no fewer than 400 harmful substances, from phthalates to benzene and from aromatic amines to formaldehyde. Materials which pass the test, like the stoneware of the Roots and Eterna collections, are the perfect solution for guaranteeing an outstanding degree of comfort in indoor spaces, especially for categories of users who require higher levels of care and attention.

However, the benefits of Ragno stoneware extend even further. An impressive 40% of the ingredients of Roots and Eterna stoneware slabs are sourced from recycling processes, making a genuine contribution to sustainability, the minimisation of unnecessary use of natural resources and the protection of the environment.

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