Versatile ceramics with a decorative spirit

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Amuri is the new porcelain stoneware collection that extends the Ragno Ceramiche Storie assortment of products with a hand-crafted aesthetic. Four terracotta-effect colors, three sizes, a large array of decors and a glossy finish make up a series with a Mediterranean style.

The current trend in interior design invites us to surround ourselves with textured products and variegated surfaces that generate tactile sensations.Homes are richly decorated with warm materials with strong sensory appeal, which tell their stories through a harmonic mix, with the sole aim of creating comfortable, enticing interiors.

By reason of their technical and aesthetic characteristics, hand-made ceramics are increasingly viewed more as natural products than as artefacts. People thus increasingly feel the urge to return to this material in its purest, ancestral form, where flaws and defects are part of the added value.

The inspiration material for the new Amuri porcelain stoneware collection is hand-made terracotta, with very clearly defined edges and a slightly mottled surface. The distinctive features of traditional ceramics are interpreted with state-of-the-art production technologies to create a multi-faceted series, a homage to the Mediterranean tradition and the know-how of its skilled craftsmen.

The traditional and the contemporary are exquisitely combined in a color assortment which embraces earthy shadesCotto and Biscotto – and more neutral tones – Avorio and Grigio – presented on a natural surface that reinterprets the antique ceramic construction material produced by firing clay.

The entire range of shades is offered in the traditional 20×20 cm size with straight edges for almost spaceless installation and in the new 5.3×30 cm brick, which is long and narrow with a streamlined look, featuring slightly crooked edges to emphasise the product’s artisanal derivation, for installation horizontal, vertical or in a herringbone pattern for a variegated effect which brings character to even the most minimalist interiors.

The Amuri terracotta-effect has a high degree of tactile realism, thanks to the 3D Ink technology conceived and developed in the Ragno Ceramiche laboratories. This state-of-the-art system, which combines optical recognition and high-precision printing, ensures the perfect matching of 3D structures and patterns, giving every single ceramic tile unique depth and tactile beauty – in this specific case, the 3D Ink technology is applied to the 60×60 cm and 60×120 cm sizes.

The Italian Mediterranean is the real star of this strongly ornamental collection, where the colored plain tiles are offered alongside a wide assortment of decors with a contemporary reworking of design motifs from the past.

The familiar colors of the Mediterranean tradition – yellow, green and blue – appear in the Maiolica decor with its glossy finish, offered in four variants that make up a carpet pattern, for a truly exclusive graphic design effect. The Pizzo decor, on the other hand, has a natural finish and is available in all shades. It comprises a single pattern matched tone-on-tone with the plain tiles, except for the Pizzo Avorio decor, offered in Blu. Both decors can be used on both floors and walls.

Walls can be attractively decorated with the three-dimensional Zucchero decor, produced with the innovative Touch technology that creates tactile surfaces by dropping white grits onto tiles, giving them a relief effect that emphasises a pattern modelled on a typical antique majolica motif.

Also for wall coverings, Amuri offers a completely new concept for the small 20×20 cm size: the Gelosia 3D structure with a relief flower as its decoration. This ceramic product is inspired by the traditional terracotta gelosia, or lattice, used as an architectural partition. To create an optical impression of greater depth, the color is more intense in the bottom part of each piece, for a more realistic three-dimensional effect.

To complete a stoneware collection with the scope for furnishing interiors for a variety of uses, the glossy Bianco finish, available in 20×20 cm and 5,3×30 cm sizes, is ideal for pairing with the Maiolica decor, also in the glossy finish, but can also be offered in endless mix&match combinations with different surfaces, in which the glossy surface’s majolica effect will delight the most eclectic, refined tastes.