RAGNO CleanOut Antibacterial Protection

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Ceramic surfaces that offer a new way of guaranteeing hygienic living spaces

Domestic spaces, the places where we meet and share, relax and spend time with friends and family, work and nowadays carry out the most varied activities, are the focus of our attention.

The well-being of cleaner and healthier spaces
The main source of indoor pollution consists of almost invisible biological agents such as bacteria, moulds and fungi, which propagate in the air and on surfaces, causing slight or imperceptible irritations or discomfort which affect our mood, our productivity and our perception of the space, or even more serious conditions such as allergies and asthma.
Living in healthy environments is a psychophysical need that we cannot do without. This is why Ragno created CleanOut, the specialised technological treatment for active protection against germs and bacteria to ensure fresher and cleaner residential and commercial spaces.

Total protection that always defends us
CleanOut is an antibacterial technology for ceramic floor and wall coverings that inhibits the growth and reproduction of pathogen microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, reducing bacterial load by up to 99.9% and neutralising unpleasant smells. The exclusive silver-based treatment irreversibly incorporated in the ceramic product is constantly active on the surface and ready for release day and night.
Silver ions are the active form of the element silver. They bind to microorganisms’ key proteins, removing their ability to breathe and reproduce.
Thanks to its very efficient release mechanism, CleanOut guarantees high performance and maximum durability.

Hygiene throughout the material’s life cycle
The silver-based additive is incorporated into the ceramic manufacturing process prior to firing at 1200 °C. It is therefore not a surface layer of the ceramic, which can be scratched or worn, but an integral part of the product that guarantees constant antibacterial protection over time.
The antibacterial action, tested in accordance with the strictest international standards, remains active throughout the surface’s life cycle, is resistant to detergents and does not require activation by external agents such as UV radiation.

The benefits of a superior treatment

Up to 99.9% effective against harmful bacteria
The silver ion antimicrobial technology acts directly on the bacteria’s metabolism, preventing their survival and reproduction.

Long-lasting and unaffected by wear
CleanOut is permanently incorporated in the ceramic product during the production process, without impairing the surface’s looks, functionality or durability.

Fresher, healthier interiors
By inhibiting microorganism growth and reproduction, CleanOut also prevents odours, for healthier, fresher, cleaner-smelling interiors.

Approved for contact with food
The antimicrobial protection is activated to prevent the growth of bacteria often responsible for food-borne diseases, such as Salmonella and Campylobacter.

Maximum efficacy proven by testing
CleanOut’s efficacy is guaranteed by the toughest international tests and complies with the ISO 22916 standard.

Improves surface cleanliness
CleanOut constantly combats the growth of bacteria and fungi, ensuring a better level of cleanliness between cleanings.

Safe for people and the environment
Thanks to its silver-based formulation, the CleanOut treatment is perfectly harmless for the health of people and animals, and does not release substances that damage the environment.

Continuous, active 24h protection
The exclusive silver ion formulation means that the antimicrobial protection is always active, 24 hours a day, throughout the ceramic surface’s lifetime.

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