Casa Riva: Breathing innovation into contemporary home design

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Casa Riva is a state-of-the-art residential complex that reaches beyond the conventions to deliver a unique home living experience. An innovative concept that redefines spaces, with a special focus on visual continuity between indoors and outdoors.

At the heart of Casa Riva is the essence of a new home living experience, embracing the urge to cast off the restrictions of conventional residential design.

Casa Riva is not so much a residential complex as an invitation to take a breath of fresh air. The sea breeze influences everything, even the perspectives, naturally channelling through the various rooms, laden with innovations. A real invitation to explore contemporary spaces and rooms conceived with attention to detail, overcoming the conventions of contemporary home design.

The challenge faced by architects Moreno Farina Studio was to reach beyond the usual commercial mindset to create large, well conceived spaces, not only indoors but on the balconies and terraces too.

The chosen materials also reflect the desire to innovate. The collection selected for the indoor flooring and outdoor paving of the Casa Riva residential units is Re_Solution by Ragno, the reinterpretation of resin in porcelain stoneware, with a natural softness and color variation that generates an impression of visual continuity. The collection is available in 6 neutral, dusty shades with a typical contemporary look, which blend attractively into internal and external design schemes, in 5 sizes and three finishes: natural, glossy or structured for outdoor use.

The tiles, chosen in Linen color and 75×75 size, were installed in continuation indoors and outdoors, with no inserted thresholds of other materials along the runners and frames of the sliding glass doors, ensuring visual continuity between the indoor and outdoor areas. Every detail was carefully designed to provide a fluid residential experience, moving beyond the traditional subdivision of spaces.

The Re_Solution collection is not only aesthetically amazing but also holds impressive environmental sustainability certifications. The Greenguard Gold mark confirms compliance with the strictest international standards on low emissions of volatile organic compounds into rooms.

Casa Riva is an ode to innovation in contemporary home design. Every detail, from the choice of materials to the tile layout, is carefully chosen to create a residence that surpasses expectations, ushering in a new, modern, comfortable era in home living.