A corner of wellbeing in the heart of Tuscany with a harmony of profoundly natural colors

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A resort surrounded by luxuriant vineyards and olive groves with the perfect blend of nature, history and modernity. A place for savouring the beauty of interiors restored in a sophisticated style, surrounded by the tranquillity and warm hues of an authentically Italian landscape.

Explore unexpected places, taste genuine traditional flavours, relax in the shade of the olive trees and enjoy the elegance of a delightful refuge, set in the green of the Tuscan hills. The mood is romantic and the atmosphere of intimacy and warmth ensures every stay will be unique in this timeless location, which blends beauty and tradition for an unforgettable experience.

The project originated with the renovation of an old rural dwelling dating from the C14th. In architectural terms, a number of residential units make up an attractive resort with a main building and three annexes on multiple levels, surrounded by rich vegetation into which a system of patios is set, with the dual function of providing a screen against the sunlight and giving the resort a very distinctive personality.

The resort is designed to merge into the environment, with its neutral colors with small decorative touches, open spaces and use of natural materials. In this lovely setting, the splendour of the Realstone_Travertino stone-effect porcelain stoneware coverings by Ragno Ceramiche becomes truly apparent.

The main building contains a living area and kitchen with fireplace, a spa and an outdoor area subdivided into patios and terraces that overlook the surrounding olive groves and gardens. These open plan locations, which maintain the building’s original structure, are finished with an alternation of the Realstone_Travertino indoor and outdoor surfaces, chosen in Cross Beige variant for the living area, in perfect harmony with the context.

Sitting in the living zone, you can admire the simple lines of the bespoke coffee table, made with an Incanto Sky Black slimline slab. From this position, your eyes naturally turn to the fireplace, finished with Cotto color in size 5.3×30 cm from the Amuri collection, its orange hues creating a tasteful, striking contrast with the other materials in the room.

Outdoors, comfortably seated under the large patio, you realise that, together with the Cross Beige structured surface in the large 120×120 cm size which makes up the paving, every feature of the design scheme is skilfully chosen to harmonise with nature.

All the rooms are designed to provide a private outdoor space, accessible through large glass doors offering views of the Tuscan countryside. The wall covered with small size ceramic tiles from the Glacé collection in Muschio color becomes a glowing backdrop that links to the dominant color of the outdoor veranda, offering a vision of indoor-outdoor continuity, highlighted by the 120×278 cm wall coverings and the floor tiles in 120×120 cm size in the Realstone_Travertino Cross Bianco color.

The bathroom is also dominated by the warm colors of Realstone_Travertino porcelain stoneware, which covers the floor and walls in Cross Bianco version and also features in a simply styled bespoke washbasin unit. In the shower, installation of the Vein Titanio color in 120×278 cm size becomes an exquisite detail that emphasises the wall’s vertical axis and height. In its materials, Ragno always succeeds in blending craftsmanship and design, focusing strongly on ceramics’ renewed sustainability, an important choice that guarantees the highest standards in quality, reliability and durability.

The Realstone_Travertino structured finish provides excellent anti-slip properties and resistance for the pavers of outdoor wellness areas, with original solutions created around the XT20 surface. You need only take time out for a relaxing pause in the delightful bathtub lined with the Biscotto 5.3×30 cm plain tile, and the adjoining open-air shower finished with the Biscotto Pizzo Decor in 20×20 cm size from the Amuri collection, to immerse yourself in the magic of the Tuscan countryside.

The constantly varied veining of Realstone_Travertino Vein Beige in 120×278 and 75×150 cm sizes characterises the spa area, combining the coverings and bespoke furnishings in a continuous whole.

The project overall aims to achieve a dialogue between nature and art: the finishes, materials and colors give the interiors an almost ethereal look, which emphasises the experience of immersion in the natural world of the surrounding landscape.