What does Rectified mean? And why does it matter?

A tile that has been “rectified” has had all its edges mechanically finished in order to achieve a more precise facial dimension.  The process involves cutting or grinding a tile to a specific size. 

Both large format tiles and narrower grout joints have recently gained in popularity.  A rectified tile is a great candidate for use in these circumstances; however, several installation guidelines must be followed to assure a pleasing result on tile larger than 15”:

  • As the size of the tile increases, the flatness of the substrate becomes even more critical.
  • Setting materials specifically designed to support large sizes must be used.
  • Running bond or brick joint patterns (square or rectangular) require a maximum offset of 33%; do not align on-center; always check lippage at T-joints before installing.
  • Grout joint widths must be at least 1/8” for rectified tile.
  • Use a contractor experienced in installing large-sized tile.