How do I clean my tile?

Most Ragno porcelain tiles require minimal maintenance.  They can generally be cleaned with clear water and/or a neutral pH liquid cleaner (soapless).  Follow with a clear water rinse and wipe dry to prevent film formation.  As with most porcelains, spilled liquids may stain the light-colored products if not promptly removed.  Neither sealing nor acid cleaning is recommended for any of Ragno porcelain tiles.

The tile should be thoroughly cleaned of grout after installation (following the grout manufacturer’s instructions) to assure ease of maintenance in the future. Tile, whether glazed ceramic or porcelain, should be maintained on a regular and frequent basis to prevent build up of soil, grease, residue, soap detergents, sealers, dampness, liquids, etc., to keep the surface clean and lessen slippery conditions.

For heavily abrasive tile, i.e. tile with a wet C.O.F. of 0.70, the following maintenance equipment and procedures may be required:

Wash Group: One five gallon plastic pail, one deck brush (10 inches wide with two inch bristles) and one mop (rayon).

Rinse Group: A standard mop bucket with a mop wringer and one mop (rayon).

Procedure: Fill the five gallon Wash Group pail with hot water and p.H. neutral liquid cleaner (soapless) in concentrations according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Half-fill the Rinse Group mop bucket with clear hot water.

Immerse the Wash Group mop in the five gallon pail of cleaner solution. Working in ten foot by ten foot sections, spread the cleaner solution to cover the ten square foot section. Scrub well with the deck brush.

Following the scrubbing, rinse the area with the mop and water from the Rinse Group.  Proceed to the next ten square foot area and repeat these procedures until the floor is cleaned, changing both the wash solution and rinse water frequently as they become dirty.