Design a Kitchen Backsplash

Your kitchen tile backsplash isn't just a practical element of the room. The right tile can turn your backsplash into a stunning design piece that stands out and sets the tone for the style of the entire space. So why not design a backsplash you're going to love—and love showing off to your friends? Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Photo features Giuliana in Pewter Basket Weave.

Mix Modern Design and Retro Flair

The best design elements don't ever really go out of style—they are trends that stay trendy. Giuliana glass mosaic tile captures this essence perfectly. Glass mosaic tiles are always in style because they pair beautifully with stone, wood, fabric, and other design elements. These glass tiles come in several patterns to help you find one that best reflects your taste. Choose a pretty basket-weave design, a modern block design, or an intricate pinwheel pattern for your kitchen tile backsplash. The varying color shades of this glass tile reflect light to give your kitchen a style that literally shines. The multitoned patterns create a retro flair, while the gleaming glass echoes a modern vibe.

Bring the Beauty of Nature Inside

A natural wood appearance always looks both a little elegant and a little rustic, so it's great for making a room feel more like home. You can get all the glory of wood with the Woodplace line of tile. This ColorBody porcelain option is made with natural-looking wood grain, and features shades of natural wood with the low-maintenance practicality of porcelain. That means that you get a backsplash that cleans up easily, resists moisture, and wears well, all while keeping the natural beauty of polished wood. Match this tile to your cabinets or use it to create contrast in a kitchen that's full of metal and glass. Either way, the look of wood can add charming elegance to your backsplash.

Use City Style in Your Kitchen

Want to bring the chic style of urban living into your kitchen? Nothing says modern city design quite like a brick wall. Try achieving that look with your kitchen tile backsplash. For instance, the Rewind Brick line makes it easy to do this. This glazed porcelain tile is made to look like real distressed brick. Choose from several soft, neutral color shades that can add a pretty patina to your kitchen to create a backsplash that will definitely draw the eye. Keep in mind that the urban flair of a brick-look backsplash pairs especially well with industrial design.

When it comes time to design your kitchen and backsplash, head to your nearest Ragno distributor to check out all the latest tile options. By designing a gorgeous backsplash for your space, you can have fun building a style that you'll love showing off.

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