Ragno’s porcelain stoneware and ceramic bathroom tiles boast great inspiration. The collections that exclusively feature white tiles are distinguished by their finesse. Vibrancy in the tiles with pure warm, cold or neutral colours. Imagination in the vintage style of the cement tiles and marble chip tiles. Realism in the material effects of the stoneware and ceramic that imitate marble, stone, wood, concrete, metal and terracotta.

Collections of coordinated ceramic and stoneware tiles lend a stylish effect to the floors and walls of the bathroom with glossy and matt finishes, mosaics, geometric and floral decorations and three-dimensional surfaces

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Designing the coverings of a bathroom is not easy and there are several factors to be considered, such as the tight spaces involved and the room’s function within the home. It takes creativity and taste to choose the right tiles for your bathroom, since they may define its style and modify the perception of its spaces by interacting with forms and lights and concealing any structural shortcomings.

The material is definitely the first point to be considered when choosing a bathroom’s coverings. Ragno porcelain stoneware tiles meet all the fundamental requirements for a room which tends to be damp, since they are anti-slip, tough and easy to clean. Stoneware and ceramics do not need any special maintenance, so they are the ideal replacement for natural materials like stone, wood and marble, with realistic, striking results.

Tiles’ colors, material effects and sizes create visual impressions that can modify our perception of the room. Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing the most suitable tiles for a small bathroom, it is also true that opting for a maxi size tends to make the space look larger, while a glossy finish will intensify the light. The color must suit the overall architectural style, so Ragno offers a vast selection of shades, from the classical neutral tones such as grey and beige through to the brightest hues. For the coverings of a modern bathroom white tiles are ideal: refined, elegant and able to create continuity with all the rooms within the home.

A decorative feature wall can be included in the bathroom with the aid of mosaic or hexagon tiles. However, if you do not have an empty wall available, the best solution is to transform the floor into a real decorative ceramic carpet. Both strategies are very suitable for small bathrooms, since they create depth and concentrate the focus on a specific part of the room.

Tiles’ colors, finishes and shapes can be used to harmonise with the dominant style of the home overall, whether modern, classical, elegant or minimalist.

Start designing the covering of your bathroom with Ragno tiles: browse the catalogue and explore the collections.

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